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Explore Industries and clusters
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Introducing industries, a feature developed to get you actionable data and extensive insights into any of our 24 industries in real-time.

Industries provide you with an overview of an industry, providing cluster maps of innovative companies, startups, and sub-industries and how these overlap.


The Clusters feature within industries provides an instant visual overview of how sub-industries and companies interact. You can use it to isolate one sub-industry or get the full overview of all subindustries and companies within an industry.

How to use it

The industry feature enables you to discover where companies are positioned within industries and sub-industries and help you identify potential gaps.

If you are not quite sure where to start your specific search, start by exploring an industry and its sub-industry. From here, you can dive into companies in one sub-industry and explore the surrounding companies from other sub-industries. You might find similar solutions within areas you were not aware of.

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